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Today in english our teacher gave us a topic, Does a Good Life Have to be Complex (or anything along those lines...). I still haven't written it yet but when I was doing the post for CAn't Buy Me Love.....I began thinking about it. Does a Good Life Have to be Complex? I'd say no. I just think that a complex life just makes everything more complicated xP I don't have high dreams and just want a simple life. The more I thought of it, I began asking myself.....what is a good life?

Let's be realistic....everybody loves money. Though some might not love it to the extent of others, I don't believe that no one likes it. For example, Susanna Kwan in Heart of Greed. To get the family's 6 billion dollars, she tried everything she could but what does she get in the end. Nothing. Unlike her Linda Chung in Heart of Greed also loves money....but she does not use dirty tricks to get them but instead worked for it. Of course she didn't get 6 billion dollars but she had something really important that Susanna lost in the end. It's her family. I believe money is really important...without it you're kinda screwed but the way you try to get it is another thing. My mom told me that money is important but you should not harm people just to get it. Life with money is good (though sometimes I'd describe it more as 'easy'). You can lose money easily but not family bonds. That's what it always say on tv which I think is true. Unfortunately, tv shows are kinda fairytales compare to life...isn't it? I guess it all depends on who the person is to choose which is more important.....for some, life can be much harder and some are lucky to have theirs easier. Life is not fair to everybody.

lols is this post abit depressing or is it just me xP Not to mention it has little to do with what I wrote in the first paragraph =/ Overall, there are pros and cons to being rich...haha such a random post =3 There's going to be another post kinda like this but it is going to talk about CHarmaine Sheh in Can't Buy Me Love!

Can't Buy Me Love Ep4-6

Linda is finally here again! After the Kams rescued her, Linda was hired into the household as a maid! Haha, when Selena was complaining to another maid because she was eating too much, that scared Linda since she eats alot! Linda kept on batting her eyes when she lied to Selena xD It was so cute!

Fala suddenly got this weird sickness that even the imperial doctor couldn't heal. While sitting there to look after Fala, it reminded Charmaine of the time when they were young. Even though CHarmaine may seem bratty but she is also really kind and deeply cares for the people around her. Growing up in the palace, Fala was her only friend and it was touching to see them together.

Fala brought out her money box and told Charmaine to give her a nice burial (she thought she was going to die soon). Every girl wants a husband and a warm house to live in...Fala was no different. She didn't want to die so soon and alone. Charmaine then promised her that she'll let her marry as soon as she gets better again.

Fala finally gets better again with Linda's help! It's s good beginning to see how these 3 will become good friends ;)

Charmaine once again stirred up some trouble.....but this time, it wasn't let go by the family like the other times. Lee Heung Kam got tired of Charmaine's troubling and decided to stand up to her. I was so happy when someone finally stood up! It was funny how Lee Heung Kam knocked Charmaine on the head xD

Amazingly, Lee Heung Kam did not get into trouble =0 The hit actually reminded CHarmaine of her grandmother and when she was young. Every time her grandmother knocked her on the head she'd get a treat =) That is a sweet trick ;)

lols this part was funny! Charmaine wanted to peacefully have wine with her sisters, but unfortunately....they didn't. Moses couldn't stand their attitude so he decided to take action! Oh yah! He pretended there was a mouse around and used this tray to hit all of them xD

*NOTE* I'm really, really sorry that I will no longer make screencaps post. It takes way to long just to organize the pics and it's kinda boring to do them....so I won't be doing them anymore. I'm sorry.

Selena's Blog Post - Cheesecake

I’ve been baking cheese cakes since I was in grade 5! Learned it in an ESL class (
English as a second language). This is one of my favorite desserts but haven’t made it much in Hong Kong cuz I don’t really have much time to cook…so it was nice to have a chance to bake my favorite cake on a show for work! Brings back warm memories!!! And of course it’s yummy, as after filming, the cake was eaten by other artists and crew members within minutes!!! =)

credits: tvb.com

Thoughts: Wow! She learned to that in gr5?!! Haha, I love cheesecake!!! My fav is strawberry though. I wish I could cook like her! I tried to cook macaroni and cheese last weekend....every thing looked alright until I tasted it -.-

Some filming pics of Female Fist.

credits: tvb.com, Fala's weibo

Thoughts: Isn't the one where Fala holds Kenneth's hand cute?!

Annie Man in Can't Buy Me Love =0

Painting in What Ever it Takes

Same painting of Annie in Can't Buy Me Love =0

When I saw the painting...I knew it looked familiar. Annie's outfit in Whatever is Takes is one of my fav so it was easy to recognized that it was her xD Wow...tvb keeps some old stuff. That painting's around 7 yrs old because that's when the series was released....

Dwelling Choice of Men and Women Costume Fitting

Michael Miu Kiu Wai, Ron Ng Cheuk Hei, Sonija Kwok Sin Lei, Michael Tse Tin Wah, Joyce Tang Lai Ming, and J.J. Jia Xiao Chenappeared at the costume fitting for Men and Women’s Dwelling Choice <抉宅男女>.

Michael Miu said that the series resembles 2009 mainland blockbuster drama, Dwelling Narrowness <蝸居>. Michael joked that any similarities were only a coincidence! When asked whether Michael was worried about plagiarism claims, Michael noted that each series had their unique characteristics but he was prepared for criticism. Michael Miu pointed out the current housing problems in Hong Kong . In the past, he spent all his savings to purchase a house. Since current prices were too high, he vowed not to enter the market, worried that the real estate bubble would soon burst.

In Men and Women’s Dwelling Choice, Sonija will play a housewife and appear without make-up in the first ten episodes. Fortunately, Sonija maintained a good skincare routine and was unafraid of flaws surfacing in the high definition film. Regarding the plagiarism claims, Sonija said, “That’s what people say! Even if we were to borrow the ideas, we need to make it a better production. I watched Dwelling Narrowness; the series was extremely popular in China !”

Since he will portray a real estate agent in the series, Ron Ng will ask his mother and search the internet to become familiar with the real estate jargon. He had no interest in stockinvestments, but was interested in acquiring properties to rent out.

Yesterday was J.J. Jia’s birthday. Did rumored boyfriend, Sammy Sum Chun Hin, give any gifts? J.J. smiled and said that she did receive his gift and intended to celebrate her birthday with a group of friends.

Credits: Jaynestar@http://www.jaynestars.com/

pics credits tom.com

*Linda Chung is also in this series, she just wasn't able to make it to the costume fitting.*

*Hyn's Translation of the title is Dwelling Choice of Men and Women*

More Info at Hyn5, HERE.

THoughts: I was sad to hear that Ron liked Linda at first...but then fell for another girl later =( That's depressing since I've always wanted them pair together.....so close!

Psychological Warfare Costume Fitting

Moses Chan Ho, Adam Cheng Siu Chau, Maggie Shiu Mei Kei, and Aimee Chan Yan Mei appeared at the costume fitting for new TVB series, War of the Heart <心戰>. Moses admitted that he felt anxious in co-starring with Adam Cheng for the first time.

Was Moses concerned that the Hong Kong stock market will decline due to Adam’s “Ding Hai Effect?” Moses said, “No, it’s because Adam is a master both in his acting and beyond.” (But you won TVB’s Best Actor Award in the past?) “Adam is the true Best Actor. When he steps forward, he already possesses that aura!”

Adam praised Moses’ versatility in his acting. Adam exclaimed, “Moses took all the awards!” Did Adam want to win the TVB Best Actor Award? “Not really, as I don’t want to fight with others for the award.” Reporters complimented Adam on his handsome image in the series. “It’s okay, but this is a fresh image for me.” Aimee Chan will portray Adam’s daughter in War of the Heart.

Translation Credits: Jaynestar@http://www.jaynestars.com/

pics credits tom.com

*hyn5's translation of the title is Psychological Warfare*

For More info on series, HERE.

New site!!!!

Hey Everybody!!! My new Linda site is officially open!!! Hehe, hope you guys would support and will visit it often! I'm also looking for translators too if there are any out there, please email me if u can! Thanks! =)

Charmaine Sheh Pairs with Wayne Lai in 'Forensics 3'

It's another TV King and Queen collaboration. Charmaine Sheh to collaborate with Wayne Lai in the sequel of hit series "Forensic Heroes"---"Forensic Heroes 3". Earlier reports exposed Kevin Cheng is replacing the main lead from the previous installments, Bobby Au-Yeung, as the lead in the new "FH." But now it's confirmed it will be Wayne.

Yesterday reporters contacted producer of the series Mui Siu Ching and she disclosed "FH3" to start shooting in December. "Leads include Wayne Lai, Charmaine Sheh, Kate Tsui, and Ron Ng. Because it's hard to write more about the old leads, so this time it would be a brand new story and new characters. Plus many good actors died in the previous stories, hope they can come back in this new story. "

Mui also disclosed some information about Wayne and Charmaine's characters in the series. "Charmaine won't play a police this time. She will play a forensic pathologist. Wayne will play a cool police and solve cases with Charmaine. Of course they are going to have some romantic scenes. Since the two never worked with each other before, so it should be something fresh to viewers."

Wayne appeared to be excited when talked about collaborating with Charmaine. "To be honest, been shooting series for many years, I almost collaborate with every TVB actress but not Charmaine. My partner is getting younger. I think she is very smart and her acting improved a lot. So I can't wait to collaborate with her," he said on the phone.

Because he has to play a handsome police and pair with the pretty Charmaine, Wayne vowed to lose some weight. "I weight 145lbs now. I hope I can lose about 10 or 8lbs before the series starts shooting, so I can pair with Charmaine!"

Charmaine is also excited to work with Wayne. "Don't know whether it's confirmed. If it's true, it's definitely a good thing because I never worked with Wayne before. He is a good actor. I watched his 'Rosy Business.'"

Source: Apple Daily (HK) / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Thoughts: I am really, really looking forward to this series! I must admit though, seeing Wayne pair up with Charmaine is a bit weird...but I do really look forward to them together. I think they'll appear as a refreshing couple and I am glad that Wayne got the lead in here. Only thing I hope won't happen is that I hope they won't keep the name 'FH3'. Beside the genre, nothing really connects with the other 2 so I hope they'd change the name of this series just like how Rosy Business 2 changed to No Regrets.

Sadly I'll miss the old casts, but I'm really glad that there is new series with a 'new' story. I'm interested in these kind of series so i don't mind them doing another one of these. I also think a job of a pathologist is quite cool xD But of course....i don't think the job is totally like what it is in the shows xP

Can't Buy Me Love Ep3

Daggers!!!! You have to love the look of that! xD Haha, so all the princes are showing of their 'talents' and unfortunately, 2 of the princes needed a target. *sigh* Poor Moses....he was on their target. Lols I love this part! Moses reactions are so funny xD He got so scared when one of the princes wanted to shoot the knife blind folded! Then there was Fala with her ten knives.....I would not want to be in Moses position right there xd

Younger version of CHarmaine!!! Isn't she just adorable!?! I love her hairstyle so much. So, Susanna and Leung Heung Kam are asking if Charmaine wanted to come for dinner (Mid-Autumn Festival). It reminded Charmaine of her childhood with her grandma back in their small hometown....

At the dinner....it started out peacefully, but ended quite badly. Charmaine stated that Selena was having an affair because she saw her with this man in the alley. Of course that is wrong, it was only Selena's brother who was asking her for money. During this part, I felt really bad for Selena. She really reminded me of Florence Kwok in Colors of Love who was also poor but then married into a rich family. Their personalities are somewhat the same....and both of them paired up with Louis too xD

Linda finally appears!!!! But only for 10 secs before the episode ended xP Seems like she was captured or something. Moses, Louis and Raymond thought she was a ghost xD