Going Camping.......xD

Since the year began, I've been waiting for this class fieldtrip! I'm going camping for around 3 days. Gone Wed, Thurs......coming back on Fri afternoon. Also going to my friend's recital on saturday, so I won't be posting for the next.......5 days ^^; I've been checking the weather for where I'm camping, and apparently it's suppose to rain on WED and THURS. Crossing my fingers and hoping it won't!!!! Honestly though, even if it did rain..........I have a feeling it's going to be fun(ner) :P lols I don't mind rain xD

Recently.....MOL had just released too!!! I know some people have already started....so I can't wait to start on it myself!!

I love the pics of Jessica. Those pics came from an article stating that she really thinks highly of Tavia Yeung and Nancy Wu!! Article I was super happy to hear that =) I love both Tavia and Nancy! Beside that though, when I saw the pics of Jessica.........it reminded me of these pics of Tavia :/ (Maybe cause of their pose?) I also remember some pics of Nancy that's also like Jessica but can't find them! Took me so long just to find the Tavia pic.


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