Linda Preview mv O.O

:inlove:Today I dropped by LC Media Corner (Linda Chung Media Corner). Haha, I've been lazy lately. Anyway, I saw a preview for which I think is for Linda's new MV!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the song sooo much xD So I decided to show you guys^^

Hmm...I'm just wondering why another girl is in there??

Linda's New Album Starts Selling on Nov.12 :puppyeyes:
Pre-order at YesAsia

01. 日夜想你
02. 明爭暗鬥
03. 暗示
04. Fly Me To The Moon
05. 有一天
06. 戀愛令人心痛
07. 生死也為愛
08. Cha Cha Bounce
09. 聽說你愛我
10. 白羊座的情歌
11. 有一天 (國)
12. 讓我繼續愛你 (國)

1. 日夜想你
2. 明爭暗鬥
3. 暗示
4. 有一天
5. 讓我繼續愛你 (國)
6. 有一天 (國)

OMG!! I actually saw her singing Fly Me to the Moon before xD She sounds really nice xD First time hearing her sing in english xD I just can't find the video on youtube anymore x_x And there was one where she and Myolie sang an english song together too^^ Can't find it now either x_x

BTW, I'll probably be posting the drawings tonight xD So stay tune^^

*Credits: Hannah@LC Media for the mv, YesAsia for list and pic^^


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