Burning Flame 3

In this much-awaited third installment of "Burning Flame", a team of firefighters continue to strive for the safety and well-being of local citizens under extreme conditions. Through rescuing the victims, the beauty of human nature and the importance of life are realized. Encouraged by the fireman leader CHUNG YAU SHING (Wong He), young and playful FONG LEI ON (Wong Chung Chak, Bosco) joins the team and gets to know CHEUK PAK YUE (Cheng Kevin). Unfortunately, the two of them are having lots of misunderstanding at work. ON believes that YUE has stolen SHING's lover KO WAI YING (Wu Myolie) and causes the serious injury of SHING. However, a gruesome fire accident has drawn everyone into a twist of fate that has led them to find a deeper sense of awareness.

Synopsis Credits: Astro on Demand


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